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Chocolate Delight Sample Bundle

Chocolate Delight Sample Bundle

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Introducing the Freeze-Dried Chocolate Delight Sample Bundle – an extraordinary fusion of rich, chocolatey goodness in a delightful, crunchy form! Immerse yourself in the luscious experience of Freeze-Dried Caramel M&Ms, savor the sweet and chewy-to-crispy transformation of Freeze-Dried Milk Duds, enjoy the indulgent crunch of Freeze-Dried Riesen, and relish the unique texture of Freeze-Dried Charleston Chews.

This carefully curated bundle is a celebration of chocolate in all its glory, providing a unique and satisfying twist on your favorite treats. Each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures, offering a tantalizing experience for chocolate enthusiasts seeking a novel snacking adventure.

Elevate your chocolate experience with the Freeze-Dried Chocolate Delight Sample Bundle – a perfect blend of classic favorites reinvented in a crisp, new form. Order now and embark on a journey of chocolatey delight!

Chocolate Delight Sample Bundle Includes:

1 - Chocolate Caramel Blasts  - 3 oz container (Caramel M&M's)

1 - Chocolate Caramel Bombs - 1 oz container (Milk Duds)

1 - Dark Chocolate Caramel Puffs - 1.1 oz container (Riesen)

1 - Charlie Chew Bites - 2 oz container (Charleston Chews)

Orders typically ship within 1-3 days from the date of purchase. All of our freeze-dried candy is made to order, to ensure that you receive the freshest batch!

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